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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2nd day of PMR..

And so today is the second day of PMR..Haha.Ok

Second day of PMR papers-BI 1,BI 2,Geo

And as  always teacher asked to prepare your identification card and the slip..

(BI 1)-The paper looks kinda easier than trial but idk whether i made it..And i also did Dr.Syukri's advice.Cut and cut haha.The worst part is on the paper,how could i get wrong on the poem's question?I answered insects?!WTH!!The answer is actually birds..Silly mistake..

(BI 1)-I rushed to the hall and had to wait for like 10 minutes before starting the paper.Waiting sucks..
And suddenly."Baiklah,kamu boleh mula sekarang.And i quickly took my pen and quickly tried to finish the paper..Ok so the first question goes like this.

And so i answered..

Last Thursday,while Rahim was on his way to school,he founded a suspicious bag near a tree...He turned away and rushed himself towards the black bag..


(Geo)-The hardest paper of the day..I managed to answer only 24 questions and my head was like exploding.Thinking bout' it till the hall prefect said,"Baiklah,anda mempunyai lagi 10 minit"..Then suddenly my brain went SUPER MIGHTY ENLARGE RIDICULOUS BRAIN!And managed to answer it all.Alhamdulillah A for Geog.:D

Here are the pictures for the papers..

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