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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kuar Jalan Jalan with Syahrul and Syahmi(12.10.2010)

Harini hari yang best bagi aku.Kuar ngan member lepas stress blaja.

First,Syahrul and Syahmi datang umah aku dulu,mase tuh aku tak mandi lagi.xD.Diorang dok kejap umah aku online kejap..Then baru kite nak kuar,tibe tibe hujan.Siot.Then kitorang pon tunggu ar.Bile hujan berenti kitorang terus sergah!Wahaha.

Next kitorang gi Angsana sebab nak makan.Aku tak sarapan lagi la!Kitorang bile sampai pon terus meluru ke food court.Aku order Nasi Goreng Ayam while Syhami order Mee ape ntah and Syahrul order Nasi Goreng Cendawan kott.Makan ngan minum Syahrul support.xD

Then aku ajak depa main boling.Syahrul on jek tapi dia suruh aku support.No hal bebeh.Sampai sampai ade hot chick kat counter.Aku nak usha malu plak.(Just kidding).Die suruh aku bagitau die kasut nak saiz ape,aku dah lah lupe kasut aku saiz ape then aku tanggalkan kasut yang aku pakai baru aku tau kaki aku saiz 7.Haha.Then kitorang pon start main.Aku first,Syahrul second and Syahmi third.Aku pilih bola warne biru tue sebab lubang pegang die besar and bola die ringan.Kitorang main 2 game.Lame jugak main.Last last aku menang,Syahmi no 2 and Syahrul no 3.Wakaka.

After that Syahrul reccomend aku gi karaoke sebab tmpat karaoke tuh sebelah sebelah jek.Aku pon on ar tapi die support.Main 3 lagu.First lagu Syahmi(Jason Derulo-Whatcha Say),then lagu aku(Justin Bieber ft. Usher-Somebody to love) pastu lagu Syahrul(Marabahaya-Pop Shuvit)Haha lagu Syahrul sorang jek yang melayu xD

Monday, October 11, 2010

4th Day of Pmr

Today's the last day of PMR and i'm really scared and dissapointed but really happy!


MT1-Math 1 is kinda easy but i got like 5~9 wrong for carelessness.

MT2-Math two for me is the hardest.I really don't know what to answer.Lucky i remembered the last minute study formulae :D

Kh-My worst nightmare.All i studied,didn't come out like i hoped so.I hope at least got B :'(

Yang tak dapat tuh,sape suruh balik awal padan muke hua hua hua..

Thursday, October 7, 2010

3rd day of PMR

The most hardest paper for me was


Sc1-Argh....Hard hard hard hard..I kinda regret that i don't study..I only answered 29 questions and 11 idk...Some of them used my final "lagi 10 minit" brain power...

Sc2-Hate it hate it hate it hate it..

Sej-Lazy to talk bout it..

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2nd day of PMR..

And so today is the second day of PMR..Haha.Ok

Second day of PMR papers-BI 1,BI 2,Geo

And as  always teacher asked to prepare your identification card and the slip..

(BI 1)-The paper looks kinda easier than trial but idk whether i made it..And i also did Dr.Syukri's advice.Cut and cut haha.The worst part is on the paper,how could i get wrong on the poem's question?I answered insects?!WTH!!The answer is actually birds..Silly mistake..

(BI 1)-I rushed to the hall and had to wait for like 10 minutes before starting the paper.Waiting sucks..
And suddenly."Baiklah,kamu boleh mula sekarang.And i quickly took my pen and quickly tried to finish the paper..Ok so the first question goes like this.

And so i answered..

Last Thursday,while Rahim was on his way to school,he founded a suspicious bag near a tree...He turned away and rushed himself towards the black bag..


(Geo)-The hardest paper of the day..I managed to answer only 24 questions and my head was like exploding.Thinking bout' it till the hall prefect said,"Baiklah,anda mempunyai lagi 10 minit"..Then suddenly my brain went SUPER MIGHTY ENLARGE RIDICULOUS BRAIN!And managed to answer it all.Alhamdulillah A for Geog.:D

Here are the pictures for the papers..

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

1st day of PMR

Today's the first day of  PMR,,Yep,my heart's beating faster and faster everytime.But,patience is gold(Aina said)

First paper of the day-Bm1,Bm2,Ag

Before the exam-There was two spoiled clocks.And so the hall prefect wanted to take it down.Seems like he's trying to fix it.So he climbed a student's table.And when he's trying to reach his hands to the clock,suddenly!!!!His side shirt wore off and i could see his belly bottom!!I tried to stop my self from laughing!Luckily god was on my side..If there's a camera that time i would snap a picture of it!WAKAKAKAKAKAKA!!

The story-(BM1)Haish..It's kinda hard to do it.I had to follow Dr.Syukri Abdullah's advice.Potong dan potong.Haha..When i was doing it,i left like 11 questions behind and suddenly the hall prefect said,"Baiklah,tinggal lagi 10 minit".So i was like,"What the hell?!OMG i've gotta finish this fast!".And so i used all my brain powers to quickly finish these questions and Alhamdulillah finished..:D

(BM2)-Haish again..The paper started with the ringkasan thingy..I underlined and underlined but i was short 14 sentences to reach 80..So i had to use (akhirnya,bla bla bla) OMG i hope it was a right choice.The B section was easy,C and D are the hardest.It's hard to choose what question will i choose on C.Then i chose question number 2 that is (berjasa kepada ibu bapa)..My brain was like exploding when i wrote so long and it;s only 154 words?!Nah nah ok skip this story...

(AG)-Haishhhhhhh.....Agama paper..Luckily i had a religion.Haha..The A part,i chose number 1 cause i saw and i thinked that it's the easiest and luckily i could do it.Haha..But,there was this one question i forgot the answer..WHAT IS FARDHU KIFAYAH???!!!!!OH NO!!!Luckily it's the only one i don't know.I tried to figure the questions answer for like 30 minutes and i answered (MANDI WAJIB) WAKAKAKAKAKAKA!!