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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

1st day of PMR

Today's the first day of  PMR,,Yep,my heart's beating faster and faster everytime.But,patience is gold(Aina said)

First paper of the day-Bm1,Bm2,Ag

Before the exam-There was two spoiled clocks.And so the hall prefect wanted to take it down.Seems like he's trying to fix it.So he climbed a student's table.And when he's trying to reach his hands to the clock,suddenly!!!!His side shirt wore off and i could see his belly bottom!!I tried to stop my self from laughing!Luckily god was on my side..If there's a camera that time i would snap a picture of it!WAKAKAKAKAKAKA!!

The story-(BM1)Haish..It's kinda hard to do it.I had to follow Dr.Syukri Abdullah's advice.Potong dan potong.Haha..When i was doing it,i left like 11 questions behind and suddenly the hall prefect said,"Baiklah,tinggal lagi 10 minit".So i was like,"What the hell?!OMG i've gotta finish this fast!".And so i used all my brain powers to quickly finish these questions and Alhamdulillah finished..:D

(BM2)-Haish again..The paper started with the ringkasan thingy..I underlined and underlined but i was short 14 sentences to reach 80..So i had to use (akhirnya,bla bla bla) OMG i hope it was a right choice.The B section was easy,C and D are the hardest.It's hard to choose what question will i choose on C.Then i chose question number 2 that is (berjasa kepada ibu bapa)..My brain was like exploding when i wrote so long and it;s only 154 words?!Nah nah ok skip this story...

(AG)-Haishhhhhhh.....Agama paper..Luckily i had a religion.Haha..The A part,i chose number 1 cause i saw and i thinked that it's the easiest and luckily i could do it.Haha..But,there was this one question i forgot the answer..WHAT IS FARDHU KIFAYAH???!!!!!OH NO!!!Luckily it's the only one i don't know.I tried to figure the questions answer for like 30 minutes and i answered (MANDI WAJIB) WAKAKAKAKAKAKA!!

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